Online Course

Art of Sequencing: The Yoga of Krama with Noah Mazé
Eight 90-Minute Sessions

This course offers a unique look at how to craft meaningful, deliberate, and effective pose sequences. We hone in on methods, techniques and tools to expand your knowledge and ability, deepen your understanding and increase your dexterity in serving your existing students and to grow your reach. We also examine new sequencing techniques and approaches. Tune up your teaching and increase your depth and range in both alignment and vinyasa classes across a broad spectrum and range of postures and postural categories. This course is accredited though Yoga Alliance and counts towards 20 hours of non-contact continuing education hours, which fulfills the entire 3-year requirement for teachers.

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Sessions cover the following topics in this order:

  • Session 1: Well Rounded/Potpourri Sequence
    Learn how to construct a well-rounded class sequence that will nourish the body from head to toe. These types of classes are super effective and should be your baseline to grow from.
  • Session 2: Sequencing for Vinyasa Classes
    Focus on the construction of vinyasa flow classes where linked poses, breath and movement, and continuous practice are the priorities.
  • Session 3: Sequencing for Alignment Classes
    Open the door into sequencing for alignment based classes (often called Hatha). Increase your pose knowledge, anatomical knowledge, prop use and creativity of teaching poses.
  • Session 4: Sequencing for Levels of Classes
    Focus on the overlapping and distinct strategies of teaching different levels of classes (Beginners, Mixed Level, Intermediate/Advanced). Serve ALL your students and increase your teaching range!
  • Session 5: Pose Based Sequencing – Peak/Pinnacle Pose
    Construction of a sequence to a peak pose of appropriate difficulty. Systematically prepare the body, open the tight structures, strengthen the weak structures for the skillful climax of a peak pose.
  • Session 6: Sequencing for Anatomy – Body Region
    Specific anatomical teaching on a region of the body. Educate your students about their bodies and increase their skill and knowledge of how to align themselves optimally.
  • Session 7: Sequencing of a Theme Part 1 – Energetic Quality
    Learn to construct a class based on an energetic quality as the theme (compassion, courage, grounding etc).
  • Session 8: Sequence for a Theme Part 2 – Philosophical Teaching
    Learn to construct a class based on philosophical teaching in a way that embodies the teachings and brings them to life on and off the mat.
  • An internet connection
  • A computer smartphone or tablet
  • An avid interest in yoga poses and anatomy
  • Fundamentals of Teaching Poses
  • Motivation and self-directed learning
  • Desire to interact and participate in an online group forum

Authored, Designed & Delivered by Noah Mazé

“I completed my RYS 200 training online with the Mazé School due to COVID. This was the first online training they've ever done, but you wouldn't know it. The sheer amount of recorded material blew me away. I was so impressed with the wealth knowledge that they shared with us and their dedication to their students’ learning. It is clear these are teachers’ teachers and they have dedicated their lives to the practice of yoga…. I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to dive deep into study, and who resonates with more alignment and structured flow based yoga classes. I will forever be appreciative to the Mazé School for the knowledge they worked so hard to empowered me with!" -  Makenna Johnstone

“Very informative. I really enjoyed how the teacher broke down the different structures and then illustrated how they work together in asanas.” - Carrie Menke

“Great content, presentation style, level of info. Lots to dig into further. Enough meat to keep me going back to this to learn more and more and so well put together and presented.” - Andrew Nathan

“For me this was a wonderful way to get training. I could go at my own pace & review as necessary. The delivery method is efficient. And Noah is the most inspiring teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you.” - Rochelle Wilson

“Noah and team…WOW…GREAT work with this webinar offering.  I am impressed withal that you have put together.  This must have been a LOT of work, so KUDOS!!!!!” - Jennie Pearl 

“Thank you, Noah and Team for connecting the World of Yoga Teachers and Students together.  After watching each webinar, I feel a sense of satisfaction on every level, from validation of what I do already know from both past and current study”– Rena Chase

“ I’d like to thank you and the team for putting together such an amazing course. I was offered a scholarship and would have been unable to afford the full cost at this time so the opportunity to do this is such a blessing and I’m immeasurably grateful.” - Patrice

“Your online courses are awesome! I [participate in] online courses with many other teachers, and I find that your courses offer way more resources, seem to be exceptionally current – rather than pre-planned, and relate to our interaction and feedback (where you use threads from each week). [It is] truly inspiring, captivating and engaging, as well as encouraging, to learn more and to give more to our students and ourselves. After all, we are our own biggest students. I am so enthralled by your teaching, I wish I could do everything!”  - Michelle Cross

“I enrolled in courses for my non contact hours in yoga teacher training.  I received a wealth of knowledge and feel that both courses have really enriched my yoga education. The instructors taught the courses in an informative, easy to understand way with time for interaction with the students taking the class.  I corresponded to get my certificates upon completion easily. Great staff and courses, I highly recommend!” - Alyssa Kyle

“Your attention to detail on the slides is fantastic. It’s almost like I’m back at Kripalu in your workshop. Thanks again.” - Juliánna Nagy

“I wanted to write and let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed taking the online course. I live in the Caribbean and have been teaching yoga full time for five years. It is hard to attend trainings due to my location, so when I found this course online I was excited! Over the past three years I have taught workshops but always felt like I was on the right track however I still felt like I wanted/needed something more. The tools that you presented have given me complete confidence in my teaching. I came to the realization that I was giving WAY too much information, too many details. Once I simplified, it was like I was speaking another language. I just wanted to say thank you from my heart and know what you do is appreciated!  I look forward to more trainings with you in the future.” - Danielle Gentilcore

“I got the chance to watch the first two sessions of this online course this morning. Everything was so clear and well thought out, including the theory of the second class. I taught two yoga  sessions today and caught myself engaged in more [ways than normal]. That was pleasant. The most striking part so far was that I felt more confident in experimenting with new adjustments, both me and my fellow yoginis benefited from that. Thank you! Off to watch the third session now that my little one is in bed.” - Anonymous

“Compliments to Noah and his team for putting together excellent materials. Even though I am a certified yoga teacher, I feel it’s always good to go back with a beginner’s mind and learn again. These trainings (Art of Sequencing, Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga Poses, and 101) are very high quality and I am excited to ‘sharpen the saw’ through them.” - Olin Levitt

“Although this online class is my first encounter with you as a teacher, I’ve already learned a lot, and am enjoying the course very much.  I’m quite a new teacher, and hope to remain a student for as long as I can breathe, and in that regard, every bit of information you happen to share during the class or on the discussion group, adds up to my investment of knowledge. I also like reading about others’ experiences and views (sometimes it proves how little I know, sometimes it shows me I’m not so bad either) for each word towards learning is valuable for me.” - Zeynep Yeldan

“I really appreciate how this course is aligning with what is happening in my life as a yoga teacher. I am teaching a 5 week series for the first time and just this week I was offered 3 classes to introduce meditation and deep stretching. It is awesome to be learning with Noah, each week I have so much to take away.” - Jennifer Adi

“Thank you, Noah and Team for connecting the world of yoga teachers and students together. After watching each webinar, I feel a sense of satisfaction on every level, from validation of what I do already know from both past and current study.” - Anonymous

“Loving the idea of building on the shapes. It makes sense – I just never actually simplified it enough to think of it that way.” - Lanessa Giesbrecht

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