Yoga For a Stressed Out World

In these strange, uncertain and anxious times, locked down as we are and unable to get out, it is more important than ever to attend to your own conscience and practice self compassion. Recognize that your compliance to social distancing and other safe measures IS […]

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April 10 Update

Every day we, our household, fluctuates between loving cooperation & high functioning, and total conflict/ meltdown. Apparently Maya couldn’t take it anymore and absolutely gutted this soft bear. Score = 🐺1 – 🐻0. Oliver cried and melted down when we found the murder and wanted his sister […]

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Svadharma: Contemplating the Lessons of the Gita, by Peach Friedman

It’s not quite accurate to say that I’ve been studying the Bhagavad Gita again this season, because working with this text really feels like living with it. My process of even beginning to understand the layers of meaning and question-asking folded within the this symbolic epic-within-an-epic rely […]

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