Online Course

YOGA 101: Teaching Beginners with Noah Mazé
Thirteen 60-Minute Sessions

Teach basic yoga well. It seems simple; it is not. It seems easy; it is not. All too often, new teachers are given beginners classes on the studio schedule. Teaching beginners is anything but easy, and it requires you to be knowledgeable, articulate and resourceful. This course will guide you through developing specific skills and curriculum to teach yoga to beginners. Learn how to sequence, develop curriculum for beginners courses and use props to make yoga accessible to beginners, elderly and specialized populations. This course will help you to grow your skills, expand your reach and spread the yoga love. Let’s make a positive contribution on a global scale!  This course is accredited through the Yoga Alliance and counts towards 20 hours of noncontact continuing education hours, which fulfills the entire 3-year requirement for teachers.

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We will cover the following topics:

  • How to develop effective tools and strategies for teaching beginners, students with limitations and seniors
  • How to teach effective and safe Level 1 and/or Yoga Basics Classes
  • Strategies to bring new students into yoga, and how to retain those students
  • How to use props and modifications for common poses
  • How to develop an Intro to Yoga Workshop Curriculum
  • How to develop an Intro to Yoga Class Series Curriculum
  • How to create a Beginners Yoga Series and Workshop: Intro to Yoga

You will receive:

  • Teaching exercises that go hand in hand with Practice Track materials
  • A 40 day Mindfulness Journal
  • Daily Mindfulness Practices (meditation, breathing, contemplation, affirmation)
  • 5 minute Yoga at Your Desk Routines
  • 15 minute Yoga Break Routines
  • 30 & 45 minute Yoga Practices at home and on the go
  • Daily tutorials, video lessons, audio instruction, visual sequence PDFs
  • An internet connection
  • A computer
  • A yoga mat
  • Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Motivation and self-directed learning
  • Desire to interact and participate in an online group forum

Authored, Designed & Delivered by Noah Mazé

“I wanted to write and let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed taking the online course YOGAMAZÉ 101: Teaching Beginners. I live in the Caribbean and have been teaching yoga full time for five years. It is hard to attend trainings due to my location, so when I found this course online I was excited! Over the past three years I have taught several Fundamental Workshops and always felt like I was on the right track however I still felt like I wanted/needed something more. The tools that you presented have given me complete confidence in my teaching. I came to the realization that I was giving WAY to much information, too many details. Once I simplified, it was like I was speaking another language. I just wanted to say thank you from my heart and know what you do is appreciated! I look forward to more trainings with you in the future.” – Danielle Gentilcore

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