April 10 Update

Every day we, our household, fluctuates between loving cooperation & high functioning, and total conflict/ meltdown. Apparently Maya couldn’t take it anymore and absolutely gutted this soft bear. Score = 🐺1 – 🐻0. Oliver cried and melted down when we found the murder and wanted his sister to see him back together. I told him we could, made him hot chocolate with marshmallows, and quietly threw the bear away (they are not lacking for stuffed animals) 🤞🏽. Tracy has relapsed and is back in bed, but is ok. I’m running support for everyone and teaching live stream yoga in my spare time. At least the kids are on spring “break” and I’ve let go of trying to accomplish school work. Every day is non stop busy, and every night I wonder if we got anything accomplished.

How’s it going for you guys?

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