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Today’s blog is written by The Mazé Method Emissary, Rocky Heron.  All photos by Beyond Drishti.

I find it difficult to write about the “now.” While I sit typing this I am aware that others will be reading my words in the future, which truthfully, makes me feel a bit anxious. And much of what I feel called to write about is recollections of memorable moments from my past. I’m aware that the process of writing, and much of anything else can only be done in the “now,” but how can I effectively discuss what it means for me to be in the present moment, when the process of doing so seems to send my mind moving in every direction other than right here, right now? The irony is, when I find myself truly immersed in the present, in pure experience and in direct contact with this eternal moment, the last thing I feel called to do is talk about it. So, now you see my dilemma. But I am up for the challenge and wish to carry out this task skillfully. So tell you what. I’m going to pause, quiet my mind (as best I can), and arrive in this moment that is all around me. When I return I will articulate to the best of my ability whatever my heart and mind are able to convey. Be right back…


Ok. Here we go.

The now is ever changing, shifting, and moving from one moment to the next., and all of our power to create lies in the spaces between, the transitions that carry us endlessly toward the culminations of all that are in process of becoming. When we sink into the satisfaction of each moment, it becomes clear: all is well, all is available to us, and all is forever becoming more. To be content in the moment means to be non-attached. Not in the sense of attachment to outcome, but attachment to permanence, since every moment is gone the moment you realize you are in it. It is in our attempt to control the chaos – the beautiful, messy, entropy of life – that we resist the blissfully powerful dance of creation and destruction, for each moment contains both. We are evidence of this relentless cycle of birth and death, and our bodies are not immune to this rhythm. As I write this I am breathing in new molecules and breathing out the old. My body is dying and regenerating and I am never the same as I just was. As you read this you are doing the same. Fighting this process seems to bring suffering, for it is one we cannot win; while yielding to it’s intimate relationship with your physical nature can make for a satisfying and exciting exchange with life. My practice, both on and off the mat is forever one of arriving. Arriving into harmony with this truth and acclimating to who and what I am in each moment. Through conscious practice I can participate in the changes I can encourage through the focusing of my mind and heart, and yield to the inevitable changes with which I am deeply intertwined and to which I am subject. Presence requires refined awareness, and conscious practice helps to facilitate this refinement When my awareness shows me I am uncomfortable, I am offered, by way of this emotional feedback, that I am fighting this moment in some way. When I let go and surrender into myself and the life that is manifesting around me, I am offered a more graceful and satisfying journey from one moment to the next. It feels better, and it seems to work better. Always my awareness is the precursor to greater ease and increased authenticity. To become all that you are is a lifelong and worthwhile pursuit, but understand that all that you are is always increasing. So dig in to each moment and mine it for the rich nuggets of sights, smells, sounds, tastes and feelings that are potently being offered to you. Wake up to the richness of life that is unfolding within and around you and let this string of satisfying nows be the building blocks to a satisfying life. Suffering is not the path toward a joyful outcome. A joyful outcome IS made up of an endless progression of joyful “nows.”


Remember. Be here now. And if you’re looking for me, that’s where I’ll be. If not, hang out for a little while and I’ll be there as soon as I remember.


Rocky Heron


Rocky Heron, founder of Yoga with Rocky and The Mazé Method Emissary, is a world-traveling yoga teacher. Known for uncanny wisdom and skillful instruction, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years of study in nearly every yoga style. When not teaching on the road, Rocky works alongside Noah Mazé in formulating meaningful yoga curriculum. Rocky’s students deepen and inspire their practice, while consciously expanding in all directions.


Rocky Heron

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