The Mazé Method ASANA: The Deep Core with Noah Mazé

What is the “Deep Core” and how does stabilization work? As Noah Mazé of The Mazé Method explains, the “Deep Core” are primarily slow-twitch fibers, also referred to as “local stabilizers”— These are the deeper abdominal muscle layers. Slow-twitch fibers primarily make up the local […]

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Comparison Carnival Ride

Do you have a comparison habit? It comes slinking in. Christmas postcards of attire-matching, happy family units; Valentine’s commercials of attractive, hand-in-hand couples, left hand modeling a forever diamond; SOLD-OUT Fall yoga retreats in paradisical lotus lands; grad school buddies publishing yet another book, having […]

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Don’t Do This: The Contagion of Fear

NEVER do this ONE movement! Now that you’re here, I’ll apologise. This isn’t really about that ONE movement which you should NEVER do. Quite the opposite, in fact, and the title is a cheap trick. It was done to prove a point, though, and now […]

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