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2024-03-25 Outside In & Upside Down – Join Oliver and Noah for this playful and challenging Inversion Strong practice of handstand & forearm balance prep, sun salutations, headstand and shoulderstand variations. Props: mat, wall, strap, 3+ blankets. Read more

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2023-05-24 The Poetic Heart: Become the poet (kavi) and invoke your poetic heart as you contemplate one of the creation myths from the earliest sources of yoga, Rg Veda’s Hymn of Non-Existence (Nasadiya Rg Veda 10.129). This Spirit Strong class interweaves listening, thinking, imagination, meditation, breath, movement, relaxation, and invites us into the poetic heart, of knowing and of not knowing, of asking questions of what is unfathomable. The poem, like the universe itself, is incomplete (the last verse is missing two syllables), unfinished, and leaves the hearers with a question. The process of questioning leaves the hearers repeating the fundamental act of creation, the act of thinking. Suggested props: mat, bolster and/or blankets. Read more

2023-05-23 Flow of the Brush: Inspired by the Japanese writing style of zuihitsu (“flow of the brush” or “going with the flow”), this Spirit Strong class interweaves meditation, stream of consciousness journaling, breath-based movement, and hrdaya (heart) mantra (SAUḤ), to invite us into the experience of going with the flow, wherever that takes you, without necessarily having a particular goal or purpose. Suggested props: mat, journal, props for sitting. Read more

2023-05-22 Strong to the Core: Activate your deep core stabilizing muscles (pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, multifidus) to access and cultivate your innate inner strength. This Spirit Strong class takes you on a 360-degree journey of deep core activation and strengthening in seated, supine, and prone poses, and variations of plank and side plank. Suggested props: mat, bolster and/or blankets. Read more

2023-05-19 Heart Mantra Meditation: Open your heart (and front body structures) in supine supported poses and attune to your breath, then sit for a meditative practice of mantra japa (repetition) on the seed (bija) mantra of the heart (hrdaya), SAUḤ. Steps of practice: (1) Mantra practice begins in receptivity, in listening; listen for the voice of your heart in the whisper of your breath. The mantra is already present, your breath is already breathing you; listen deeply. (2) Once you hear the mantra, you are invited to participate by consciously repeating the mantra. This is called mantra japa. Mantra japa can be practiced silently, quietly to oneself, or by speaking or singing the sound for however long you like. (3) Release the conscious repetition of mantra and return to listening, and you may continue to hear the mantra in your meditation and throughout your day. Suggested props: mat, 2 blocks, props for sitting. Read more

2023-05-18 Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep): After a short warm up to awaken the body, experience the deeply restful meditative practice of yoga nidra and deepen your connection to the sanctuary within. This practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” system), helps to soothe anxiety and decrease stress, and increases your ability to evoke a state of calm focused awareness off the mat into every moment of life. Recommended props: mat, blankets, bolster, eye pillow. Read more

2023-05-17 The Virtues of Lucid Consciousness: Through movement, contemplation, and reflection/journaling, this Spirit Strong class takes up the teachings in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.33 on the virtues of lucid consciousness. We consider these attitudes and mindfulness practices that we can cultivate as beings of conscience, as social beings in complex relationships, and how we might bring our yoga off the mat with engaged and benevolent social action in the world. Suggested props: mat, journal, props to sit on. Read more

2023-05-16 Restore & Rejuvenate: Get grounded and revitalized in this nourishing Spirit Strong practice of breath awareness and relaxation, head-supported forward folds, active inversions, and gentle heart opening backbends. Practice this class once a week, or whenever you need grounded stability and support in a strong, unhurried sequence to restore and rejuvenate your entire being. Recommended props: mat, 2 blocks, 4 blankets, bolster, wall. Read more

2023-05-15 Singular Focus Meditation: Inspired by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra on singular focus meditation, “For the purpose of counteracting them [distractions], [there is] the practice of [fixing the mind on] one object” (YS 1.32 tat pratishedha-artham eka-tattva-abhyasah), this Spirit Strong class interweaves contemplation and reflection with seated meditation, single leg balancing poses, dynamic sun salutations, and supine relaxation. Suggested props: mat, journal, 2 blankets. Read more

2023-05-13 Cultivate Contentment: Join Noah and Oliver in this Spirit Strong class to contemplate and practice contentment (santosha in Sanskrit) through conversation, journaling, meditation, movement, and pranayama. Consider what Patanjali says about santosha in the Yoga Sutras, “From contentment, unsurpassed happiness is obtained” (YS 2.42), and Krishna’s metaphorical use of a tortoise in the Bhagavad Gita to describe “one whose insight stands firm” (BG 2.58). Suggested props: mat, journal, 2 blankets, bolster. Read more

2023-04-29 Yoga Mala: Join Noah & Oliver in this culminating Vinyasa Strong practice of 108 Surya Namaskara. Practice this Yoga Mala (Garland of Yoga) in sets of 12 sun salutations, dedicating each set to a particular intention, and the overall endeavor of rising to the occasion of this challenge. As you exert yourself and stoke the fire of your practice in community, remember to work within your own healthy boundaries (move more slowly, rest as needed, and/or edit the sequence as appropriate for you), and have fun! Props: mat. Read more

2023-04-28 Handstand or Chaturanga?: This Vinyasa Strong class builds on familiar sequencing, progressively incorporates handstands into the vinyasa krama, and handstand becomes a transition option between standing poses (instead of Chaturanga Dandasana, Up Dog etc.). Props: 1 or 2 mats, wall. Read more

2023-04-27 Slip n Slide Vinyasa: This Vinyasa Strong practice invites you to progress your Surya Namaskar practice by establishing “normal” for a few rounds, then put your feet on sliders and up the ante with a few “slippery” sun salutations to strengthen your capacity to stabilize every movement. Then find your steady working rhythm on the mat as you add on standing poses with sun salutation transitions, followed by Setubandha (Bridge Pose) with sliders to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes. Props: mat, sliders. Read more

2023-04-26 Start Slow, End Strong: Begin this Vinyasa Strong practice with luxurious side bends and twists, supine heart and hip flexor openers. Stand up and floss your shoulders with a strap, move fluidly through sun salutations, layer in more hip flexor stretches, strengthening side planks (Vasisthasana) and backbend in Chamatkarasana (Wild Thing) and Natarajasana (Dancer’s Pose). Props: mat, 2 blocks, strap. Read more

2023-04-25 Stronger Every Day: Explore variations of Chaturanga Dandasana (low push up) and progress your upper body strength in Surya Namaskar A and B variations, and strengthen your core and lower body with twists, single leg balance poses and linked standing poses. Warning - your arms may be quivering after this Vinyasa Strong class. Props: 2 blocks, mat. Read more

2023-04-24 Strong Body, Lucid Mind: Join Noah in this Vinyasa Strong practice to build upper body strength and cultivate lucidity of mind – Attune to and expand your breath with supine pranayama, build heat, strength and focus in 5 continuous rounds each of Surya Namaskar A and B, inter-weave inversion prep into standing poses and practice headstand and handstand progressions, then elevate your legs in shoulderstand variations (supported Viparita Karani). Props: mat, 2 blankets, wall, 2 blocks. Read more

2023-04-13 Switch It Up: Noah and Oliver switch it up in this 3rd Vinyasa Strong practice, with supine variations of Surya Namaskar A and B (less upper body weight bearing) that will wake up your core, and a #LegDay emphasis with lunges and single leg squats. Expect plenty of familiar vinyasa sequencing, and some creative variations and re-interpretations along the way to switch things up. Props: mat, 2 blocks. Read more

2023-04-12 Liquid Strength: Join Noah and Oliver in our second Vinyasa Strong practice (in this series), and use your self-generated heat (tapas) to soften/melt those sore/tight places in your body, cultivate resilience and continuous awareness, and forge tensile strength in every direction, as you practice fluid cycles of breath-based Surya Namaskar, standing and balance poses, core strengthening plank and side plank variations, back-body strengthening Shalabasana variations (Locust Pose), and seated forward folds and twists. Read more

2023-04-11 Fire Starter: Ease into this Vinyasa Strong practice, with Noah and Oliver, as you stretch luxuriously in opening poses to make more room for your breath and practice Ujayii Pranayama, as you might prepare a tinder bundle and wood shavings. Build heat in Surya Namaskar A and B progressions, as friction creates heat and heat becomes an ember. Blow the ember into a flame by adding a few standing poses, and burn brightly as you take flight in Bakasana (Crow/Crane Pose). Enjoy the warmth you’ve created as you counter pose with Setubandha (Bridge Pose) and gentle closing poses, then rest deeply in Savasana (Corpse Pose). Props: mat. Read more

Step Into Flow – This bonus Vinyasa Strong class focuses on foundational vinyasa skills, invites you to attune to the rhythm of your breath, step into the flow of breath-based movement, establish fundamental vinyasa technique and form, and cultivate fluid strength in a slow to moderately paced practice. Read more

2023-03-24 Fearless Friday: This culminating YogaStrong class activates and strengthens your full body (with special attention to shoulders, hips, and core) in sun salutations variations, skills n'drills, and inversions (headstand, forearm balance). Props: mat, blanket, block, strap, sliders, wall. Read more

2023-03-23 Thankful Thursday: This slow_and_steady YogaStrong class begins with deep relaxation and breath awareness, activates your deep core stabilizers, and strengthens your hip and pelvic muscles in a progressive journey of twisting poses and forward folds. Props: mat, 2 blankets, chair, block, strap. Read more

2023-03-22 Wednesday Bendsday: This backbendy bridge-building YogaStrong class will open and lengthen your front body, strengthen your back body, and invert you, with progressive actions and stages of Setubandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose in Shoulderstand). Props: mat, strap, 3 blankets, bolster, sliders, 2 blocks, chair. Read more

2023-03-21 Tensile Strength Tuesday: Activate your deep lumbar stabilizers and strengthen your core 360 degrees in this progressive YogaStrong sequence of seated, supine, prone and plank poses, with strengthening drills throughout. Whenever you need to feel STRONG TO THE CORE, this class is for you! Props: mat, block, blanket, sliders. Read more

2023-03-20 FUNdamentals Monday: Celebrate the equinox and emergent spring (in northern latitudes), mark the moment when day and night are equal in length as you cultivate balance and homeostasis in symmetrical and asymmetrical poses and muscular co-contractions. Begin with seated centering, lie down for leg stretches (Supta Padangusthasana) and hip/pelvic/leg activations and strengthening (Setubandha), then come up to standing for more activation skills n'drills with a spotlight on Trikonasana. Props: mat, strap, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, wall. Read more

Are you ready to take your
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Are you ready to take your
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