The Mazé Method in Bali

The Mazé Method Family is rapidly expanding! Our amazing Emissaries are leading 200 Hour Teacher Training Programs in Bali, Jakarta, Flagstaff, Seattle, and Portland with many more to come.

Last week I was in Bali for Week  3 of the month-long The Mazé Method Teacher Training led by Emissaries Amy Petty and Sarah Bohairy. It has been incredibly rewarding for me to be collaborating more and more with our Emissaries.

Here are some photo highlights from the week:

In Bali, beauty abounds. The shades of green are incredible. Every turn is a discovery, every aspect is artistic, ever changing light, enchantment all around. THIS is the Magic Kingdom (sorry Disneyland).

The 5 day intensive I taught at Radiantly alive in Ubud, Bali was a portion of the The Mazé Method 200 Hour Bali Teacher Training and open to all. We worked hard. I told Ramayana stories.

My Indonesia Dream Team — love these guys!  Bali’s Amy Petty and Sarah Bohairy, and Jakarta’s Deera Dewi and Mona Jahja. I am so proud of my colleagues for taking the leap and sharing themselves and all they know with our 200 The Mazé Method hr teachers in training! For me, it’s been a rich and amazing experience to mentor Amy, Sarah, Deera and Mona from afar — and to witness the culmination of all of their work brings me great joy. I’m a proud Papa!

Jai Hanuman! It was a busy week but the Kecak Dance in Ubud was a highlight; the traditional Balinese re-enactment of Ramayana. Intense and enchanting!

Sarah Bohairy taught me some Aerial Yoga during one of our lunch breaks at Radiantly Alive. It was hard! And FUN.

Our Bali 200hr groups! It was a rich and amazing week full of yoga teacher training in the jungle. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I’ll be back in the spring! Mark you calendars and join us for Bali Spirit Festival next March!

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